Chiara, Wood Green

What an amazing blank canvas to work from. My client came across as being quite quirky so I came up with this design to match her personality. We decided to use Breedon gravel, which is used in National Trust Parks, to create a curved pathway. The idea was that the path would meander to the decking area and the fire pit, as this softened the walkway along the planting and made the area feel more inviting to enter. The fire pit was added to give warmth and this area would also lead onto the Balou decking which the client could use when hosting a party or family lunch/dinner. We also added sawn off tree stumps to be used as stepping-stones leading to the new deck. For the planting, we wanted it to look like a mini paradise, so we added lots of textures and fragrant plants, as well as tropical trees.

Marta and Arnie, Bowes Park

This project presented a number of challenges. The biggest of these was that the garden was at different levels and the client wanted it landscaped and constructed without any steps. Therefore, the initial part of the job involved significant digging and moving of earth to create a level canvas for us to work from, which allowed step free access to the space. The client had a back office in the garden and we wanted to ensure that this blended into our design. To compliment the colours of the office we used Indian sandstone in a warm autumn brown to build a path and entrance to the office. The garden is a suntrap so using the same stone we built a patio area where they could sit and enjoy the sun as well as barbeque. We also created a planting area. To attract bees for pollination we used plants including erysimums and lavenders.

Ingrid, Mill Hill

The client wanted to update their garden to include a new patio with a separate seating area. We had a few consultations with the client where we built on and adapted the original design to keep it within budget. We removed all the existing paving and replaced it adding a staggered pathway to give a softer feel. We also removed all the brickwork to open up the area. We constructed a pergola to frame the seating area and put in a low baton fence to separate the seating area from the rest of the garden. We stained the pergola and baton fence black to tie it into the outline of the house. The jasmine on the fence now has the opportunity to grow around the pergola and create a more natural effect.

Johan, Muswell Hill

This client wanted a front garden designed that was within the style of the neighbourhood and private North London road. He also wanted a design that was simple and low maintenance. A new path and front paving area was required and we put down dark slate which, when, set against the red brick created a classy and smart look. We built a bin store so that the household bins could be kept out of sight. Lastly, we put up a white picket fence; this very much blended in to the area and completed the look.